H&M Dressing Room

So I was visiting H&M’s website-mainly because I love all of their clothes and love their prices also- for some new basics. I forgot that you couldn’t order online in the United States part of their website. I was pretty bummed especially when I found out they have a H&M+ now! I’m a chic that is inbetween ladies and plus size sizes, I can wear both and according to what type of material/fit/etc the clothing is. They had some super cute plus size clothes, but alas Georgia doesn’t have H&M+ in their stores yet:( and I can’t order them online….

Does anyone know if you can order their clothes from the UK? I know it would be extra shipping but I can’t find these pieces near I live..

Anyways, I love their dressing room app and I created this outfit with a fair or fall festival in mind. Enjoy



Dress For The Job- Part 2 Teacher

School Teacher

I made this outfit with myself, who wants to be a teacher, in mind. I feel as though now teachers aren’t perceived as people who dress old fashioned and not current. Even though teachers are expected to not wear jeans, there are plenty of options! I love corduroys for fall! They are warm, comfortable and not as casual as jeans! I added a cardigan that looked like a blazer. I feel as though blazers/cardigans that have a nice hourglass cut really helps any type of figure.

I also added cute leopard flats, they never go out of style and plus if this outfit is for running around with kids, you are going to need flats, trust me! Now I don’t mind skirts, I would also wear a dress or skirt but I find pants easier with younger children. I also feel that a lot of tv/movie teachers wear tight or short skirts that are unrealistic (Jess from “New Girl”)…I mean if the school enforces a specific length for kids then it applies to the teacher as well. Plus a great leader is someone who people can follow by example!:)


Dress For The Part You Want: Part 1

Today while I was work (I work at an amazing restaurant), a young lady came in and wanted to promote the services for where she worked. She looked like she was about 17, was wearing shorts, a ruffled top and a pair of thong sandals. Instead I think she was older than a teen and possibly in her early twenties. My bosses thought that she was trying to get them to help out with some high school event. I got her information and the packets/samples she gave us.

Two things were certain by the way she presented herself:

1. She didn’t take herself seriously in her job.

2. If she doesn’t take herself seriously, why should I take her services/products seriously?

I think if she was dressed more appropriately for her job my manager may have taken to the time to talk to her himself (he was also busy). I think younger people (ie, twenties) are to worried about how cute they look rather than if it appropriate for their position.

Below is an outfit I put together for this series for someone hunting a business or professional job. It doesn’t have to be stuff if you find the right type of accessories and use colors to their advantage. I chose to do a jewel purple top underneath the blazer because jewel tones look great on most skin tones and the color purple represents power or authority. I always think that it is best if for interviews- no matter what type of interviews- ladies should have their hair out of their face, pin some hair back, put it halfway down or in a low ponytail like below. It is less distracting and gives the interviewer eye contact better!

Business Job Interview

Banana Republic open back top / Ann Taylor / Calvin Klein low heels / Brahmin satchel bag / Mimco post earrings, $41 / Ann Taylor Ribbon Belt Jacket

A Bouquet of Newly Sharpened Pencils

One of my favorite lines of one of my favorite movies “You’ve Got Mail.” Meg Ryan is one of the original quirky cute girls (besides Diane Keaton) and I just love watching this movie. And I know that it is made in 1998 but a lot of the clothes in the movie is transcendent: tights, pretty beige dresses and I even like the jumper with the tights..maybe that will come back- without the turtleneck and possibly more fitted.

Watching that movie always makes me think about school and Fall as well as how much I miss being at North Georgia College & State University in the Fall. It’s as close to Stars Hollow as you can get in Georgia, twinkle lights on the trees (not just for Christmas time), Halloween decorations in the square and shops with candy apples.

I’m not going to lie I also miss my art classes. I miss photography especially, I loved photography class- it was fun and exciting- and not to mention I had access to great photography materials.

Until we meet again Dahlonega-
xoxo Sierra