H&M Dressing Room

So I was visiting H&M’s website-mainly because I love all of their clothes and love their prices also- for some new basics. I forgot that you couldn’t order online in the United States part of their website. I was pretty bummed especially when I found out they have a H&M+ now! I’m a chic that is inbetween ladies and plus size sizes, I can wear both and according to what type of material/fit/etc the clothing is. They had some super cute plus size clothes, but alas Georgia doesn’t have H&M+ in their stores yet:( and I can’t order them online….

Does anyone know if you can order their clothes from the UK? I know it would be extra shipping but I can’t find these pieces near I live..

Anyways, I love their dressing room app and I created this outfit with a fair or fall festival in mind. Enjoy



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