Dress For The Part You Want: Part 1

Today while I was work (I work at an amazing restaurant), a young lady came in and wanted to promote the services for where she worked. She looked like she was about 17, was wearing shorts, a ruffled top and a pair of thong sandals. Instead I think she was older than a teen and possibly in her early twenties. My bosses thought that she was trying to get them to help out with some high school event. I got her information and the packets/samples she gave us.

Two things were certain by the way she presented herself:

1. She didn’t take herself seriously in her job.

2. If she doesn’t take herself seriously, why should I take her services/products seriously?

I think if she was dressed more appropriately for her job my manager may have taken to the time to talk to her himself (he was also busy). I think younger people (ie, twenties) are to worried about how cute they look rather than if it appropriate for their position.

Below is an outfit I put together for this series for someone hunting a business or professional job. It doesn’t have to be stuff if you find the right type of accessories and use colors to their advantage. I chose to do a jewel purple top underneath the blazer because jewel tones look great on most skin tones and the color purple represents power or authority. I always think that it is best if for interviews- no matter what type of interviews- ladies should have their hair out of their face, pin some hair back, put it halfway down or in a low ponytail like below. It is less distracting and gives the interviewer eye contact better!

Business Job Interview

Banana Republic open back top / Ann Taylor / Calvin Klein low heels / Brahmin satchel bag / Mimco post earrings, $41 / Ann Taylor Ribbon Belt Jacket


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