Dress For The Job- Part 2 Teacher

School Teacher

I made this outfit with myself, who wants to be a teacher, in mind. I feel as though now teachers aren’t perceived as people who dress old fashioned and not current. Even though teachers are expected to not wear jeans, there are plenty of options! I love corduroys for fall! They are warm, comfortable and not as casual as jeans! I added a cardigan that looked like a blazer. I feel as though blazers/cardigans that have a nice hourglass cut really helps any type of figure.

I also added cute leopard flats, they never go out of style and plus if this outfit is for running around with kids, you are going to need flats, trust me! Now I don’t mind skirts, I would also wear a dress or skirt but I find pants easier with younger children. I also feel that a lot of tv/movie teachers wear tight or short skirts that are unrealistic (Jess from “New Girl”)…I mean if the school enforces a specific length for kids then it applies to the teacher as well. Plus a great leader is someone who people can follow by example!:)



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