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The Good Girl


Pretty in Mod

I have always loved the 60’s look, with the big hair, the pink pouty lip, the doe-eyed look. Some of my most inspiring style icons from that era are Brigette Bardot. She’s probably my ultimate make up style icon

 I love the messy hair updo with the innocent yet seductive makeup.

In one of my all time favorite movies, Barefoot in the ParkJane Fonda rocks the perfect look, her outfits in that movie could still be worn today. They are classic yet fun.

how handsome is Robert Redford!

I love that Zooey Deschanel has brought this look back and showed us girls that we can do these super cute styles in modern times!

My latest Collection:


pretty in mod

Spring Fling

Hi! Well I have tried several blogs and never really fully committed…I had one on blogger for a while however it was a FAIL! Hahaha I really have so many interests and it just kind of got overwhelming needless to say. Somewhat distracting, so this particular blog of mine is about my love of art/fashion and book/movie/tv show reviews. I am going to have another blog as well because I feel a strong, strong urgency for that one too! I will post the link later.

So usually I love Fall but I’m starting to really dig this Spring (read Summer in Georgia) weather because I get to plant in my garden and enjoy all the fruits and veggies. As well as all the gorgeous natural colors from the flowers. The look I created on Polyvore was inspired by walking around in the beautiful Spring weather going to a park or a farmer’s market! Enjoy!

Spring Fling