A Bouquet of Newly Sharpened Pencils

One of my favorite lines of one of my favorite movies “You’ve Got Mail.” Meg Ryan is one of the original quirky cute girls (besides Diane Keaton) and I just love watching this movie. And I know that it is made in 1998 but a lot of the clothes in the movie is transcendent: tights, pretty beige dresses and I even like the jumper with the tights..maybe that will come back- without the turtleneck and possibly more fitted.

Watching that movie always makes me think about school and Fall as well as how much I miss being at North Georgia College & State University in the Fall. It’s as close to Stars Hollow as you can get in Georgia, twinkle lights on the trees (not just for Christmas time), Halloween decorations in the square and shops with candy apples.

I’m not going to lie I also miss my art classes. I miss photography especially, I loved photography class- it was fun and exciting- and not to mention I had access to great photography materials.

Until we meet again Dahlonega-
xoxo Sierra


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