Back to the Drawing Board

waitress-13Waitress  is one of my favorite movies. I love the story line-  the realness and the ridiculousness of the characters, blended together so perfectly.  It is written and directed by Adrienne Shelly– who also co-starred in this movie.

I read about her once in Cosmopolitan magazine once before I even saw the film. She died and was thought to have committed suicide but was actually killed. Her story was one I remembered. She left behind a little girl and a husband. I saw Waitress  a few years later and immediately recognized her name. I, of course, looked up on imbd to see where I recognized this name.

This movie had such an impact on me, the characters were so beautifully themselves, the music for the scenes were perfect with it and the story line was flawless. I’m so inspired by her. Her husband put up a foundation in her name for female directors:


I really enjoy analyzing movies. See I took a script-writing class and learned how to really break apart a scene. I did The Virgin Suicides. Another film I love. I remember how in that class I was always inspired creatively and compelled to create small stories I had thought up into something (Carrie Schrader was an amazing teacher so that didn’t hurt- her current project At the end of the class I wrote a short script (psychological crime)- so rewarding.

So in 2013, my “New Years’ Resolution” is to finish writing a short script I’ve been working on. To take a little time each day to do so. There is a major one I’ve been working on for about 3 years + and I have a lot of development on the characters but there are so many more techniques I can use to really enhance the characters. It’s a story that I’ve created that I feel super strong about. About 4 sisters who are distant after their mother’s death and how it gets mended back together despite their opposition to do so.  But it’s also so much more than that!  It needs to be told now, I also have many other stories I want to work on.