Small Spaces

Small Spaces


It’s just hair, right?

That’s what I said when I wanted to get a new hair cut. My hair was way too long at the time, bangs were not so great- from when I cut them myself, I’m not meant to be a hairstylist needless to say- and just needed something new. Now I don’t color my hair bc, well I don’t need to. It’s an unique red color that you can’t find in a bottle. The next step: cut it.

Myself to a coworker: “its just hair, it will grow”

Now I’m kicking myself because I realize that my hair was something that made me feel sexy. It was my look. I love the long hair w short bang ’60s look- think “Barefoot In The Park” Jane Fonda hair.

Like a good outfit, it gave me confidence, I know, I know its just hair but it’s the little things. Outfit and hair are on the outside but let me say it sure does help the inside!

Lately I’ve been just feeling less confident in my looks and I must say hair is more than just hair especially when you cut off 7/8 inches:(

Maybe it will grow on me…haha but seriously hopefully it will grow soon. Looks like I will working on styling it different ways and maybe working on my inner confidence soon.