Curves with Confidence

I’m a curvy girl, whether I’m smaller or bigger I always have/had curves.

When dressing my curves I like to add to play them up. Now for a dress look, I would say add a belt or a blazer. Blazers are my favorite- the structured blazer is your friend! It nips you in and creates the illusion of a waist if you don’t have a natural one. You can play them dress, casual or work appropriate.  Belts, especially skinny belts also do wonders my friend- they can make a waist on a beautiful sheath dress.

My new creation/look:

Curves with Confidence
Word of advice: Don’t be afraid of color. Nothing says confidence like color. I love the blue and the berry booties. Completely different colors yet pair with the right neutrals go together and pull this outfit together. I also don’t believe in being matching with my silvers and golds. It’s fun to add them together as long as they are on the same spectrum, ie metallic gold with metallic silver, dulled silver with dulled gold etc.
Also shapewear may sound and feel like the devil. But it is your friend. No lumps and bumps here! I really like the whole body shapewear, yes maybe uncomfortable to go to the bathroom but that’s only for a little moment. Unlike half body shapewear where it cuts into All Day. 
Now enjoy your winter day with some color, confidence and a smile!

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