DIY gifts

While I was reading through my favorite blogs that I get inspiration from I saw A Beautiful Mess‘ page on their quick DIY Ideas.

That got me thinking. I am making gifts this year, mainly because I’m skint. But also because I also thought that my friends might like a sweet homemade gift that is art.


I like to paint and wanted to paint a couple of canvases with a really cool print (from metallic paint and paper doily design) for my friend’s mom. Her style is Modern Nature so I wanted to go for a grey blue color with a bronze metallic color.

Then I had some extra paint left over and decided to make a new color. I’m going for an owl on a tree and of course I must let the paint dry. The pictures are of the beginning of the gifts.

profile 023

I have my old roommates a scrapbook I’ve been working on forever that is of their honeymoon in New Zealand and Fuji. I also made these Hers and His frames for each side of their bedside table.

profile 022

I will show finished gifts tomorrow. I am going to use the journal/stamp idea for my friend’s little sister Rachel. It’s a cute idea and I’m obsessed with the metallic paint.


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