Winter Weather

Winter Weather

It’s not easy to combine pattern and colors. For most outfits I start with one central piece, for me it was the bag. Then match it to one item, like an accessory and make it visually interesting. The bag matches the belt and the some of the colors in the dress. Then I added a similar color to the dress with the tights, but a lighter variation of that color. It wasn’t too crazy of a print so it went well with the dress print. 

I really love the socks with boots over tights look and wanted to try it. I also wanted to add some color, I love the burgundy on these boots. It’s beautiful and it pops out from the outfit. It also stays in a color family. Then I added a burgundy color necklace to match that piece. It’s the little things that matterI dislike outfits that are too matchy-matchy. I don’t believe in shoes and purses matching (nor do I agree with eye-shadow matching outfit)because it dates an outfit. I really love that coat and the winter white, it goes great with the accessories of the outfit. 

It should be fun and reflect your personality. I found this to be the best way to feel confident when you need to have a little oomph to your mindset!



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